Saturday, 14 January 2012

Boy's shoplifting

720 Anon2006/02/27() 15:38:26 ID:w0t6w23X
I went to the convenience store sometimes ago, and found a boy who hid cheap lollies in his pocket and ran to the outside.
Following him, that boy stopped in front of a book shop after walking about five blocks away and started looking at a picture book of animals.
I spoke to him, saying “I’ll give back the stuff you stole from the convenience store and apologise to them for you. So don’t ever think about doing that again, ‘kay?”
The kid bit his lip and stared at me for a while, but gradually his eyes became teary. Saying “Sorry” to me, he handed me the lollies he took.
 I gave him a lecture like “men should never do wrong things no matter what”.
The kid was so quiet when I was talking, but when I said bye and turned back, he tugged at my hand.
He looked straight into my eyes and said “I’ll never do that.... cos I’m a man!”.

I left there, having the lollies on the way back home.

Thursday, 12 January 2012

My prayer

64 Anon 2006/12/11() 00:28:05
When I was still at kindergarten, my father or someone said “Your breasts may become big” to me.
Back then, my breasts were actually not like the flat ones of my friends.
But since I really hated sexual stuff, I felt so bad about being told that.
So I seriously prayed that my breasts won’t grow any bigger to the family shrine.

20 years later.
Great grandpa! Great grandma! And my forefathers!
Why did you grant me that wish!? That was just a nonsense coming from an ignorant little girl!


Tuesday, 10 January 2012


301 Anon2002/04/21 16:23
While I was still an elementary schooler, I happened to know my dad’s secret.
When I was playing with dad, his hair suddenly fell off on the floor.
He wore a toupee.....
At dinner on that day, I, who was just an ignorant kid back then, proudly talked to mum and big brother about dad’s toupee as if I got to know something they might not know.
Later, mum strongly said “He’s seriously bothered about the toupee so don’t talk about that ever again!”, and I learnt that was something I must not talk about no matter what.

20 years since that day, I have never mentioned his toupee.
When he gave me a ride on his shoulders, I tried really hard not to touch his hair.
When I was going through rebellious stage and had an argument against him, I really wanted to scream out “You toupee old man!” at him but resisted that desire.
I knew he set his toupee or put hair restorer at the bathroom, so even when I was at an adolescence and really wanted to set my hair with hair wax, I kept patient and didn’t rush him.

Even though I have been putting so much effort on not mentioning his toupee, my big brother, whose head is recently becoming balding, says “My hair is getting like dad’s! Maybe I should try that hair implant thing haha!” to dad without hesitation whatsoever.
Even mum says “Your hair loss is inherited from dad.”
Dad, I’ll never talk about your hair unlike mum and brother! I’ll pretend not to realise your toupee for my life!!